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Natural Deodorant Tips

It can be extremely embarrassing when your deodorant gives out in the middle of the day. It can also be very reassuring when you are confident about your deodorant. The brand of deodorant you are using can make a difference but there are also best practices that can be followed to ensure your deodorant always works as expected.

First, wash thoroughly under your arms daily even if it doesn't seem necessary. Not only will this help ensure an odor free day, it will also reduce the chance of irritation and breakouts, especially for those with sensitive skin. Deodorant should be washed off daily and replied.

Use Naked Earth's Organic Deodorant Primer before applying deodorant. It is very important to ensure a clean, odor free environment before applying deodorant. Our primer deep cleans and creates the proper environment for our deodorant application, allowing it to work better for a longer period of time.

A little goes a long way. Naked Earth's natural deodorant is very powerful and only a thin coating is necessary. Over applying will create a wet feeling underarms. It will still work but can cause an uncomfortable feeling.

Rubbing in our deodorant with your fingertips is not required for the deodorant to work but will ensure complete coverage and absorption.

Wearing a shirt with material that covers the underarm will help keep you comfortable and dry as well as create a healthy environment that will inhibit odor causing bacteria growth.

Especially for those with sensitive skin, wash underarms before bedtime and do not apply deodorant. This allows the sensitive skin under our arms a chance to normalize. Apply only Naked Earth's Organic Underarm Deodorant Primer to help with irritation and odor while sleeping.

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