Natural Deodorant and Organic Primer! The Perfect Pair!

Natural Deodorant and Organic Primer! The Perfect Pair!

Naked Earth's revolutionary Natural and Organic Deodorant System! Your search for the best natural deodorant is over! Guaranteed to be the last natural deodorant you will ever buy. Naked Earth is so confident about their revolutionary and innovative natural deodorant and organic primer formula, they guarantee it. After years of formulation and testing, Naked Earth's natural deodorant system was born. Finally a natural deodorant that really works. Made with high quality ingredients, right here in the U.S.A.

Naked Earth realized a big problem with deodorants, including conventional ones, was the cleaning process before the deodorant was applied. Most soaps do not clean well enough under the arms to remove odor completely, affecting the efficiency. After taking a shower, do the "sniff test". You may notice, even though you cleaned well under the arm, if you smell close enough, you will still notice an odor. This is where the Naked Earth Organic Deodorant Primer comes in. After washing and before applying deodorant, put a small amount of primer on a cotton pad and wipe under arms. This will completely eliminate the odor causing bacteria, allowing the deodorant to work better and for a longer period of time. The primer also eliminates the need for a detox period when switching to a natural deodorant from a conventional one. You are now odor free from day one! Naked Earth's deodorant works so well, the primer is not mandatory but can help those who have extra odor, sensitive skin or may be switching from a conventional deodorant. Following these simple instructions will ensure you will love the Naked Earth Natural Deodorant system. Wash under arms daily. Pressing lightly, apply a thin layer to underarms and do not over apply. It's that simple! Washing under arms daily will ensure the best results, as well as eliminate the possibility of irritation. 

Try the Naked Earth Natural Deodorant and Organic Primer today and receive free First Class shipping with tracking and receive your order as soon as one to three business days. If you have any questions or concerns, Naked Earth is always here to help! We will help ensure this is the best natural deodorant you will ever buy. For more information and to order now, simply go to the website

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